Margaret Kilgallen, Pilar, 1999
Margaret Kilgallen, Pilar, 1999

Margaret Kilgallen, Pilar, 1999

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For the Christmas season, we have unboxed some serious grails, including original works that we will be releasing for the first time. This is one of them. Margaret Kilgallen, Pilar (1999). Absolutely beautiful and rare example of the influential artist's work. This piece has many of the artist's classic imagery: the female form, trees, and hand lettering. Exquisite work that draws on Kilgallen's background and training in various painstaking methods of printmaking.

Margaret Kilgallen
Pilar, 1999
Etching and aquatint in colors with Chine Collé
23 x 18 inches, 27 x 22 inches framed
Edition of 30
Signed, dated, and numbered on rectro "17/30"

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