Harmony Korine, Untitled (Osama & ET), 2005

Harmony Korine, Untitled (Osama & ET), 2005

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File this under: art, super rare objects, and ultimate grails. Harmony Korine's Untitled (Osama & ET), 2005. Hand painted and unique. Korine's original work, well any work in general, is incredibly rare. This is a really really good one! Korine did a handful of these for us in 2005. Most are long gone but this one is one we kept in the archive. This might be the last one we release. It's by far one of the best from the series.

Harmony Korine
Untitled (Osama & ET), 2005
Ink, Airbrush acrylic, and silkscreen on paper
20 x 16 inches
Signed by the artist

Pictures And Statues, Country Club, 2009
Transfer, 2008-2010 (traveling)

Bibliography :
Beautiful Losers : Contemporary Art And Street Culture, Edition Iconoclast, 2005

Beautiful Losers Archive