Ed Templeton, Caswell, 2002
Ed Templeton, Caswell, 2002

Ed Templeton, Caswell, 2002

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This is a very well known image of professional skater Caswell Berry by Templeton and has been included in many of his large installations. This particular example was included in his Beautiful Losers installation. Amazing provenance and publishing history. Templeton's body of photographic work largely consists of images he took during his skateboard related trips and tours around the world. This is one of the better known images and has been extensively published.

Ed Templeton
Caswell, 2002
Silver gelatin photograph (framed)
15 x 12 inches

Beautiful Losers, Various Locations, 2005-2009

Bibliography :
Beautiful Losers, 2005-2010
Ed Templeton, The Golden Age of Neglect, 2002

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