Devin Flynn, Untitled, 2002
Devin Flynn, Untitled, 2002

Devin Flynn, Untitled, 2002

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Devin Flynn, Untitled, colored pencil on paper, 2002. This piece is from one of the satellite shows we produced when the inaugural Beautiful Losers exhibit opened in March 2004. We produced 3 significant projects outside of the museum that ran concurrently with Beautiful Losers, opening on the same weekend. This piece was exhibited in one of them: Beaver College. Scroll to see the schedule of events. It was an epic week! One for the books. So much energy.

Devin Flynn is an artist, animator, and musician. He has exhibited his artwork globally and has a long list of animation and scoring credits for a litany of cartoon and animated television shows across networks such as Cartoon Network. One of his seminal projects was a group show at Deitch Projects that he curated along with Kendra Gaeta entitled Tedious Limbs. The show featured a who's who of underground cartoonists and animators including Takeshi Murata, Ara Peterson, Ben Jones, Jessica Ciocci, Devin Flynn, Mat Brinkman, Melissa Brown, Michael Williams, Andy Hershey, Billy Grant, and Noah Lyon.

Beaver College was a huge show at a historic brewery that was multi-level. Floor one was art installations by The Royal Art Lodge (Marcel Dzama, Michael Dumontier, and Neil Farber), Space 1026 (Philadelphia), and Paper Rodeo (Forcefield, Paper Rad, Lightning Bolt). The second floor featured musical performances by The Faint and Secret Machines. The third floor was a massive custom indoor skatepark made just for this project with performances by the Toy Machine squad: Ed Templeton, Austin Stephens, and Josh Harmony.

Devin Flynn
Untitled, 2002
Colored pencil on paper
19 x 25 inches
Signed and dated by the artist

Beaver College, The Mockbee, Cincinnati, 2004

Bibliography :
Beautiful Losers : Contemporary Art And Street Culture, Edition Iconoclast, 2005

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